West Java Puntang – Full Washed

Hungry Bird Coffee Made in Canggu West Java Puntang

Origin: Gunung Puntang, Indonesia
Producer: Ayi Sutedja
Process: Full Washed
Tasting notes: Earl grey, caramel, pineapple, peach, 60% dark chocolate, orange rind finish

The Story

It all bloomed from the love Ayi Sutedja had for nature. The humble and friendly coffee farmer was determined to participate in conserving the rainforest which surrounded the Puntang mountain. Aiming to develop forest production in order to improve community welfare.

As research went on to how the environment could further be refined, Ayi began working with Mamad, a native from Puntang mountain who grew Arabica coffee of the variety Typica Sunda. With Mamad’s help, Ayi made the decision to start a coffee plantation originally to help vegetable farmers protect their crops. Noticing the major, positive impact it had on the surroundings and its economic benefits for other farmers, he decided to take coffee plantation to another level.

A great cup of coffee is experienced when each step of the process is done with passion and dedication. Which was what we admire from Ayi’s work. He grew his coffee without pesticides, educated his farmers, all with a modest and trusted composure.