Ethiopia Reko

Origin: Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe
Producer: Masreshu Sima & Testi Coffee
Process: Full Washed
Tasting notes: Orange mandarin, pear, caramel, peach, red currant, earl grey, chocolate

The Story

Every year, the Trabocca office in Amsterdam receives thousands of samples, but a particular one caught their attention on the cupping table in December 2013.

The Reko washing station is named after the Reko-Mountain, a tall and skinny mountain towering above the hills of Kochere. The meaning of Reko is “challenge” in Afaan Oromo. It refers to the challenge of climbing the Reko-mountain. Masreshu Sima, the founder of the Reko washing station and Faysel A. Yonis, founder of Testi Coffee, adopted the name and its symbolic value; as their challenge to cultivate the best Yirgacheffe coffee.

They set a standard for neighbouring washing stations that they sustain coffee communities and deliver incredible coffee year after year. The reason of success?

  1. The training and education of staff and suppliers. Testi Coffee gives pre-harvest training to all partners.
  1. Good, quality selection and separation; only red cherries are selected, and processed coffees are kept separate by harvesting-time and geographical area.
  2. Monitoring and control; the lots are watched closely by professional site managers.