Astrid Medina

Origin: Tolima, Gaitania
Producer: Astrid Medina
Process: Full Washed
Tasting notes: Cherry, lychee, floral, blackberry, plum, milk chocolate

The Story

The farm Buenavista is in the hamlet of Gaiatania, in the very south of Tolima, run by Astrid Medina and her husband Raul Antonio Duran Gutierrez. With its high altitudes and generous climate, it has the perfect conditions to last a long history of coffee growing.


Astrid Medina won the Cup of Excellence in Colombia in 2015, and this also helped give deserved recognition and attention to the growers in Tolima. Astrid and Raul are motivated and open-minded, always finding various ways to improve their product. By keeping the farm in perfect condition, and constantly experimenting & implementing new ideas to better the processing.


The coffee is picked, processed and dried on the farm before it is delivered as dry parchment to the Cooperative’s purchasing point. Cherries are handpicked and fermented (overnight from 12 to 16 hours). The coffee is then washed and floaters & damaged cherries are separated.The coffees are rinsed in clean water before drying. The process is watched over closely for quality, producing a cup that won’t disappoint.