Ethiopia Guji Ana Sora

Origin: Ethiopia, Oromia
Producer: Israel Degfa
Process: Natural
Tasting notes: Strawberry, berries, winey, blackcurrant, medium body, floral, vanilla

The Story

The picture-perfect Anasora coffee plantation is a private farm owned by Israel Degfa, a second generation coffee grower in Ethiopia. Established in 2010, the farm is surrounded by lush natural forests and steep highland slopes.


It is a substantial operation with 150ha under organic coffee production and the remaining 100ha under development, with a goal to be 100% productive by 2018. Running right through the farm is the Turo River, providing the plantation with pristine spring water from its origin in the protected forests of this alpine region. Working in the farm are the Oromo people, a collection of smallholder farmers who work alongside Anasora to flourish sustainable coffee production and economic outcomes.


Anasora farm also works closely with the local secondary school Yerba Buleye aiming to educate the farmers’ children, and hopes to extend this support network to offer higher-level education. As well as this, the farm has strong ties to an orphanage in the neighbouring village. Through this interest in the local community and the future of its children, Anasora hopes to use their ability to produce specialty coffee to give back to the people that make their business possible.


You’ll get a mouthful of strawberries and berries. Up front it’s winey sweetness before the blackcurrant swoops in. Leaving you with a floral, crisp finish.