Misty Valley

Origin: Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe
Producer: Abdullah Bagersh
Process: Full Washed
Tasting notes: Floral, grape, blueberry, orange, vanilla, nectarine, chocolate

The Story

Producer Abdullah Bagersh developed this full natural processed coffee with an exceptional level of care through every step of the process, making it truly stand out from other Ethiopian coffee.


When the ripe cherries are first brought to the mill to dry on raised African beds, they are constantly turned (day and night) for the first 48 hours of drying. To ensure an even evaporation of the moisture from the cherry. This lends a consistency and cleanliness to the cup, which can prove difficult in a process prone to mold and uneven air circulation. After the coffee is fully dried and the skin, mucilage, and parchment are removed, it is sorted and traded through the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange as a Grade 1 Yirgacheffe.


They have been valued for their delicate, tea-like aromatics, and clean flavour. In your cup, expect perfumed floral aroma, crisp and complex berries flavour. Milky body as the backbone for the acidity and aromatics, creating a harmonious balance. Finishing with lingering, pleasant milk chocolate mouthfeel.