West Java Puntang – Natural

Origin: West Java
Producer: Puntang Coffee
Process: Natural
Tasting notes: Floral, Purple grape, caramel, orange, Stone fruit, Chocolate

The Story

Puntang Coffee is one of West Java’s leading coffee producers since 2013.With 10ha of lush coffee trees grown at 1260-1700 masl and 125 farm advisories, Puntang Coffee is a notable player in the industry with an ambition to culturally introduce quality while prioritising community economy, ecological impact, and social development.

Farmers are educated about coffee quality and how picking the ripest cherries can financially benefit their families and community. The mindset proves effective with year after year, the coffees can compete up to 25% higher in comparison to neighbouring Puntang coffees. The outcome on striving for quality for individual purposes creates a healthy relationship between the farmer and roaster.

Social cooperation groups are encouraged in order for the voices of the community to be heard by the government body.

This promotes structure and shows that improvements for the future of the people are welcome.