West Java Frinsa Lini S

Origin: Pengalengan, Jawa Barat
Producer: Wildan Mustofa
Process: Full Washed
Tasting notes: Clementine, Starfruit, Brown sugar, Lemongrass, Cacao nibs

The Story

From potato to coffee, farmer Wildan Mustofa faced natural disasters year after year in his neighbourhood, as a result of massive deforestation. Because of damage to the organic environment, farmers suffered the most from this activity. Previously a potato breeder, Wildan found his calling to help other farmers by introducing coffee plantation, as coffee can grow beneath the forest, thus conserving the forest. Due to their farming experience and passion in producing quality agricultural products, the estate produces 70% specialty coffee and traceability.

With his son, Fikri who is a fresh graduate, Wildan has got the best helping hand any father could ask for. He began helping the company by accomplishing a variety of experimental coffee processes.