Wanoja Perceka – Honey Anaerob

Origin: Kamojang, West Java
Producer: David Irawan
Process: Honey Anaerob
Tasting notes: Blackcurrant, Grape, Plum, orange, Black tea, Honey

The Story

Wanoja Coffee was birthed in 2012 by Hajah Eti and her sons. Starting with 1,5 ha (now 9 ha) of land and mixed varietal coffees. Soon enough, they grow to realize that the soil is not soil, but sand. Making it difficult to hold water and nutrition for the coffee trees. Because of this unfortunate disadvantage, they thought of a standardised solution to get the best possible results:

  1. Only the ripest cherries from the tree are picked
  2. Refinement of their SOP to consistency in order to move forward in other coffee processes
  3. Extensive pruning in a systematic manner when using fertiliser
  4. Improved construction of drying beds

The honey process of anaerobic fermentation are when cherries are pulped, and floating beans scooped away. Anaerobic fermentation goes for 3 days before drying. Taking place in parchments that are dried as a honey process on raised bed for 21 days.