Sumatra Prestige Cup #6

Origin: Aceh Pegasing
Producer: Hendri Kurniawan
Process: Natural
Tasting notes: Floral, Peach, Lemon, Honey, Vanilla, Star Anise, Roasted Almond

The Story

ACE (Alliance for Coffee Excellence) held a regional pilot in the town of Takengon, Indonesia-withholding the mission of rewarding exemplary coffee farmers. In partnership with SCAI (Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia) and the local Government of Aceh Tengah, ACE was presented with 40 farmer identification lots for pre-selection.

During International Week, a judging panel comprised of International coffee professionals spent the week examining the submitted lots. At the end of the week, the final lots were auctioned off, and Hungry Bird Coffee Roastery had the pleasure to purchase Sumatra prestige’s sixth winning cup.

This coffee is a revolutionary example of the progress in specialty coffee of Indonesia; more specifically in Sumatra. As the island is used to processing Wet-Hull, it is a brave yet advanced step to pull through with a natural process and other experimental lots.