Flores Manggarai

Hungry Bird Coffee Made in Canggu Flores Manggarai

Origin: Flores, Indonesia
Producer: Asnikom
Process: Full Washed
Tasting notes: Mango, stone fruit, pineapple, chocolate

The Story

The coffee was planted on the island of Flores over 150 years ago, introduced by the Dutch colonialists. Coffee production is contained to smallholder farms averaging between 1-1.5 hectares.

It is our first time purchasing from Asnikom (Asosiasi Petani Kopi Manggarai), a farmer’s association run by Lodovikus Vadirman. They have been gaining recognition in the last five years, pushing towards specialty markets, and becoming both fair trade and organic certified. The coffee harvest runs through May to September. At the farms in Flores, they generally don’t use migrant workers during the harvest. The help arises from willing local communities who pitch in and work together to pick Flores’ Arabica coffees at 1200-1500 masl.