Colombia La Palma Y El Tucan Lot #033

Origin: Cundinamarca, Colombia
Producer: La Palma Y El Tucan
Process: Lactic Fermentation 
Tasting notes: Blackberry, Mandarin orange, Floral, Peach, Panela sugar, Roasted almonds

The Story

In 2012, Felipe Sardi the founder of La Palma El Tucan bought an abandoned farm in Cundinamarca region in Colombia. The land was terrible. Having an 80 degree inclination and soil dented with cattle stomp. In just 5 years, Felipa managed to transform an abandoned farm into a ninety plus coffee producing farm. He challenged nature and status quo with innovation and permaculture farming techniques. Experimenting with fermentation such as Lactic acid bacteria to modifying flavour. With his real love for nature, instead of aiming to become a successful company, he envisioned a better future for his neighbours and the environment.

La Palma Y El Tucán has identified more than 200 coffee-growing families located within a 10km radius of their farm. It is through these neighbours that they buy & process exceptional coffee cherries of traditional Colombian varieties such as Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, Sidra, Typica, and Bourbon, and taking them to the next level by controlling every stage of the process.

This La Cabana lot #033 owned by Milciades Diaz is fermented with anaerob environment inside the cherries for 60 hours, this phase will create more lactic acid bacteria to produce smoother texture and increase the flavour complexity. Then dried as washed process to enhance the flavour clarity.