Burundi Kibingo Honey

Origin: Kayanza, Burundi
Producer: Smallholder various farms
Process: Honey
Tasting notes: Orange marmalade, Tamarind, Dark cherry, Honey

The Story

In 1986 in the Kayanza Commune, Kayanza province, the Kibingo Washing station was born; rested at an altitude of 1893 masl near the Congo-Nile Crest.

The washing station is known for its wooden bridge with the river that runs through it. Reeds were planted along the river to hold water and prevent the surrounding soils to errode, earning its unique name ‘Kibingo’; originating from the Kirundi word ‘urubingo’ meaning ‘reeds’. The Kibingo washing station collects coffee cherries from over 2,750 local coffee farmers across 18 neighbouring collines. When it’s time for harvest, the washing station processed more than 650 tons of coffee.

Only the ripest cherries are picked in order to produce this coffee. After the selection, these cherries are kept overnight in the reception tanks and regularly given fresh water to neutralize the fermentation. Next, de-pulped beans are taken to African raised bed in single layer within the mucilage.