Bali Karana Kintamanis

Hungry Bird Coffee Made in Canggu Kintamanis

Origin: Bali, Indonesia
Producer: Karana
Process: Natural
Tasting notes: Intensely sweet and fruit-toned, bubblegum, brown sugar, milk chocolate, round, rich acidity; syrupy mouthfeel, long-lasting silky texture

The Story

Karana is a boutique producer/ processor of Indonesian Specialty Coffee focused on Bali. They are a micro-lot processor on developing quality Arabica and Robusta products from the coffee plantations of Kintamani and Tabanan.

All Karana’s Bali red cherries come directly from their farms and are then processed at the facility an hour’s drive away in amongst the rice fields of Banjar Juga, Mas, central Ubud. Embedded in traditional village life, Karana controls quality from the farm to the finished product. They train and employ local people contributing annually to projects focused on community education and the environment.

As a close friend of Seniman Coffee, a sister company of Karana, we are delighted to roast and bring you this intense and bright cup. With lingering brown sugar and milk chocolate, you will experience a well-rounded, silky aftertaste.