Bali Honey Arca Ulian

Hungry Bird Coffee Made in Canggu Bali Arca Ulian

Origin: Bali, Indonesia
Producer: I Wayan Arca
Process: Honey
Tasting notes: Grape, pear, tangerine, honey, chocolate, black tea finish

The Story

I Wayan Arca is a second generation farmer hailing from Ulian village in Bali, Kintamani. When we first met, they did not have their own mill and Hungry Bird had just begun as a small coffee roaster; in essence we grew together. After working closely together and purchasing his coffee for 2 years, they were finally able to afford to build their own coffee mill. Where they started to buy cherries from other families in the area, as well as provide necessary income for an improved way of life for approximately twenty families.

Now it’s time to experiment! With the high demand in specialty coffee, we started to develop our own honey processed coffee. Ripe coffee cherries are picked and left to ferment for 48 hours before pulping and drying as a honey process. This helps achieve a sweeter cup with a
pleasant, silky body. With only 200kgs produced each year, you are truly lucky to have a taste of this limited coffee!