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Hungry Bird Coffee Roastery wouldn’t be here today, standing for a solid philosophy, without some of Bali’s most reputable coffee personalities.

Hungry Bird Coffee Team Prawira Adhiguna (but please call him Edo)

Founder – 1st place Indonesian Aeropress Championship 2016 – 2nd place West Regionals Indonesia Barista Championship 2018


Edo’s path in coffee began while he was working as an IT. In an office just 2 doors down, to what he never expected to be in the future, Hungry Bird.

The cafe started out from humble beginnings as a small 7 by 5 metre space, with a one group, second hand espresso machine. Run by Edo running back and forth from his office, Paula, and one cook. What began with a sole purpose to cater to hungry surfers and the Canggu community, Hungry Bird fleshed out into specialty coffee as he started to teach himself and get involved in the industry.

Edo had exciting things come his way; a year after opening the cafe, the 12KG Diedrich roasting machine was welcomed to the Hungry Bird family. The year after that, the cafe moved to a bigger location, and Edo claimed 1st place in the first ever Indonesian Aeropress Championship.

During the years, many other unique concepted coffee shops opened, and began to recognize Hungry Bird as a coffee roaster. This was the beginning of receiving wholesale clients and sharing the love of the beverage as a community.

Head roaster – 2nd place Indonesian Barista Championship 2011


Ketut has been involved in the specialty coffee scene for over 14 years, which to him has been a long yet successful journey. In 2004, Caswell Coffee Bali invited him to concurrently expand his kitchen knowledge at their cafe as well as learn to become a barista. From there did Ketut’s curiosity grow, alongside being proud of his home country being the fourth largest coffee producer in the world.

His biggest achievement in coffee is participating, and coming 2nd place in the Indonesian Barista Championship in 2011. After Ketut’s accomplishment, he began his roasting career with Caswell Coffee Bali a year later from 2012 until 2015, later to join the family at Hungry Bird Coffee Roastery.

Hungry Bird Coffee Ketut Hartawan
Hungry Bird Coffee Team Restu Sadam Hasan

Head trainer – Latte art Wizard – 3rd place Indonesian Latte Art Championship 2015 – 2nd place Indonesian Latte Art Championship 2016 – 4th place Indonesian Latte Art Championship 2017 – 3rd place Indonesian Latte Art Championship 2018 – 1st place Indonesian Latte Art Championship 2019


“Coffee doesn’t see, doesn’t hear, doesn’t speak, but it has the power to unite all groups of society closer together”

Born into a family less fortunate than most, not wealthy yet finds the joy in the simplicities in life; Restu’s remarkable coffee excursion started with a little boy’s dream of becoming a pilot. Only to have walked the path to becoming a dishwasher in a small coffee shop, in the city of Bandung.

The Golden Door of Opportunity as a barista did not come until later during his training as a cook helper. Restu would enjoy pairing his cigarettes with cappuccinos during his break, while questioning how a beverage as amazing as coffee was made. To fulfill his curiosity, he would sneak his way into the bar when it was quiet, to watch the barista’s work their magic. It was love at first sight as Restu admired the ability of the barista to draw patterns of all shapes onto something drinkable and enjoyable. As the manager continues to catch Restu spending more time at the bar than the kitchen, he reluctantly offered Restu a barista position. And after 1 year did he decide to pursue his career as a barista at Hungry Bird.

It was only during Restu’s first year at Hungry Bird did Edo feel confident in entering him in 2015’s Indonesian Latte Art Championship. Bringing home a 3rd place national trophy, and many more for the next few years to come. After 5 years of competing, Restu finally won 1st place in the Indonesian Latte Art Championship! He will be representing Indonesia in Berlin in the World Latte Art Championship; positivity, confidence, and persistence were certainly the key to his victory.

“Latte Art is not a bonus, but a skill. A skill that conveys mood into a visual image”

Trainer – Coffee Developer – 3rd place Indonesian Brewers Championship 2016 – 2nd place Indonesian Brewers Championship 2017 – 5th place Indonesia Brewers Championship 2018 – 5th place Indonesian Barista Championship 2019


Before discovering his passion in the coffee industry, Seno used to live the dream being a part of a competitive motorcycle team as a mechanical engineer. But behind his content life, he became an addict, only to find coffee as his form of rehabilitation. Seno explored the endless possibilities the industry has to offer him, and was not disappointed with the incredible outcome.

Building himself to be a competitive barista pushes his boundaries to keep exploring and improving year after year. Allowing Seno to build meaningful relationships and share his personal experience and passion with others eager to learn. Seno opts for manual brewing, especially serving to those who appreciate it.

Hungry Bird Coffee Team Michail Seno Ardabuanna