Barista Course Training

Alongside with supplying delicious coffee, Hungry Bird’s award winning, professional barista team are experienced to provide our wholesale clients with professional development of their barista’s, as well as for those seeking to familiarize themselves with the beverage.

The coffee industry is rapidly evolving. Consumers are slowly becoming more educated on the cup of coffee they’re paying for, meaning expectations are waiting to be met. Ideally, you want your baristas staying on the same page when it comes to handling equipment and flying out well-prepared coffee.

Or are you perhaps a curious individual looking to expand your knowledge? One of the most amazing things we can appreciate from coffee is the discovery to learn more and grow together. We offer you the opportunity to learn specialty coffee’s minimum standards as well as getting down to the heart of the matter. Our professional barista trainers will make sure to guide you every step of the way.

4 day regular course

5-Day regular course

The 5-Day regular course covers 4 foundational topics; Coffee knowledge, brewing science, espresso fundamental, and latte art.

It will be an intensive specialty coffee making workshop that will provide novice baristas with basic understanding of the beverage, guided by our barista trainer. Individuals will learn coffee origins, basic theory of coffee making, cup tasting, troubleshooting extraction, espresso fundamentals, different types of coffee beverages, and SOP of a professional barista.

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Minimum days for our course is 4 days. For any further assistance when organizing a schedule to your convenience, kindly discuss further with our fabulous manager Han at +62 856 0138 2987 or

carsh course

1-Day crash courses

1-Day crash courses are for anyone looking to up their game in an existing skill set. At Hungry Bird, we offer two 1-Day crash courses: brewing and latte art.


Brewing course

Recommended for everyone from the professional barista, to coffee enthusiasts, our 1-Day brewing crash course is perfect for those seeking to learn about non-espresso brew methods.

Our course revolves around a diversity of brewing devices and approaches, including aeropress, pour over, and cold brew. Followed by clear & useful recipes, and demonstrated techniques.

As we move on to tasting, we will study the basics of the right coffee extraction, and experiment with a variety of brewing variables to produce the best cup of coffee.


Latte art course

You’d be surprised how what you present to your customers, can affect their judgment on your coffee. The course covers milk steaming, splitting, and pouring for standard coffee beverages found on most menus. We will acquaint students with steaming techniques to produce and perfect ‘microfoam’ for latte art.

Latte art basics will be introduced and explained, including fundamental skills for free-pour and etching. Our barista trainer will continually give you the guidance you need to polish your pouring skills, and expand your creativity.