About us

Established in 2013, Hungry Bird Coffee Roastery has been meeting the demands of notable cafes in Bali and across Indonesia. Run by a national award winning team in Canggu, Bali, we integrate the island’s laid-back nature alongside the purpose to supply our esteemed clientele with quality local and imported coffee.

Our roastery works closely with local coffee farms, producing valued green beans while ensuring the fair trade system is respected to support the local farmers. We firmly believe that quality coffee is delivered from the hands of the farmer, the roaster, then the barista. For this reason, we strive to consistently collaborate with those in the industry and work towards sourcing great coffee, both locally and internationally grown.

Our approach working with clients leans towards tough love and personalization. Where instead of emphasizing Hungry Bird’s brand, we help them push and shape their own. However, we provide our clients with high-level barista training, held by our prominent barista’s to successfully guide their team to create the ideal cup for their customers.